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The All Time Favorite Film Thread

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The All Time Favorite Film Thread

This was formerly the $2500 Cash Giveaway Thread where you could post your all time favorite movie and receive an extra entry into the giveaway. It has now been converted to The All Time Favorite Film Thread... so... tell us what it is for you... what is your ALL-TIME FAVORITE FILM?
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I have many favorite movies but one that stands out for me is the Fugitive with Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford is in my opinion one of the few great actors still around. Movies like the Indiana Jones series, Clear and present danger, and of course Star Wars have proven this. The Fugitive is still to this day enjoyable to watch with plenty of action and suspense with no bad language or other offensive content, just a great all around film.
The first time I saw this movie I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't believe some of the stunts that were done, most memorable of course is the jump from the dam into the river below. Who would have thought that anyone wold have done that.
The special effects are very well done for the time and still can hold its own in todays special effects world. The train wreck was the only part that could have done some fine tuning as there is some parts that its obvious that a model was used however was done in a way that it was totally believable if it was done in a real situation.

On a side note I give an honorable mention to the Blues Brothers movie, still has to be one of the best car chases ever made.
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1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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