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The All Time Favorite Film Thread

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The All Time Favorite Film Thread

This was formerly the $2500 Cash Giveaway Thread where you could post your all time favorite movie and receive an extra entry into the giveaway. It has now been converted to The All Time Favorite Film Thread... so... tell us what it is for you... what is your ALL-TIME FAVORITE FILM?
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Epp, that's a tough one!

Well, I don't think I can single it down to the all time best.
I think it is easier to do if you catagorize it with genres, IE:

Favorite war movie- Saving private Ryan (band of brothers was far better but thats not really a movie, now is it)

Favorite epic- LOTR

Favorite love story- What dreams may come...

Favorite remake- Halloween (rob zombie hit that sh*t with a ballpeen!)

Favorite scary film- The ring (there is just something not natural about this movie, it actually spooked me.)

Favorite mob flick- Untouchables or Scarface (its 50/50 for me)

Favorite foreign film- Pans Labrynth

Favorite animated- Waltz with Bashir.

Favorite "B" film- Chopper Chicks in Zombie town :rofl2:

I find that when you ask people what there favorite film is its usually pretty tough to come up with a difinitive answer , however when you ask them whats the worse film they ever saw they have an answer pretty much right away.

Worst film ever- Convict 762

*edit for spelling*
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1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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