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The blissful sound of hummm. :(

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I'll apologize out of the gate for yet another hum thread but there is conflicting advice in some of the other threads. So I've got your basic ht setup-onkyo 706/ samsung blue Ray / xbox 360 / comcast HD dvr and two subs with plate amps. I recently migrated everything into my basement ht and that's when problems started. All electronics and subs are now on the same circuit and I added a tuba sub with Dayton plate amp that is the biggest hum culprit.

The humm is minor until I connect the catv coax to the dvr then it really humms. So it seems that an ungrounded catv cable is a big culprit. So I plan to run a ground cable from catv splitter on outside of the house to the electric panel. The questions:
Can I use direct burial 12 gauge wire to run the ground?
Would running this ground within a conduit that houses another power cable as it penetrates my foundation?
Would using a simple online filter solve the problem easier?
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Your thread has been moved to a more appropriate forum.

Your cable company is responsible for this grounding. Specific questions about wire runs should be answered in the context of your local codes. Check with your local agency or an electrical contractor in your area.

See the following for general grounding info and useful links:


What did you find that was conflicting information? Please post the links so that we can review and clarify if needed.
thanks for the move.

Where did I find the conflicting advice... I wish I could tell you but you probably know how it is, after you read about 100 posts they all seem to blend together.

I have to say though...you didn't really help me that much. Contact my local contractor? What kind of DIY advice is that?

And what is my local code inspector going to know about eliminating AV hum??
The point is that codes vary and what size wire you need and what you can do regarding conduit and running wires together may be different in your area than in others. Code inspectors are not there to help you with eliminating hum. Your problem sounds like a classic ground loop due to the cable not being properly grounded and you seem to have figured that out.

We are not in the business of giving advice related to the specifics of local electrical codes, nor any codes at all. I also did not tell you that you had to have a contractor do the work, only that that might be a resource for the information. If the help you are provided is not sufficient, you are welcome to go to other forums where you may or may not get correct, useful, or safe advice. Here, you can count on the advice you get from staff as being correct. We won't tell you something that we don't know to be true and accurate, nor will we pretend to know something that we don't.
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