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The Chane A5rx-c Group Buy

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Chane Music & Cinema has announced the group buy for the new A5rx-c. You may remember this speaker from one of our speaker evaluations (well, this is the next model with an upgraded tweeter). I can say that I was so pleased with these that I have joined the list to get a pair myself.


If you've been considering getting a set of these, now is the time. These group buys are the only time Jon offers a discount and it doesn't last long. You can see/read about them at his website


Log into the Forum to find the "group buy" thread.
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I noticed music was reviewed and no mention of movies. anyone know how they do in ht?
Thanks leonard, I read the reviews from the gtg ,honestly been contemplating between these a couple others. Im gonna give these a whirl, for the price its not gonna hurt if I hate them, and from reviews I don't see that happening.
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