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Basement HT:

Samsung 67" LED DLP
Emotiva XPA-2
Emotiva XPA-5
Sony DA4ES Pre/pro (for now)
Oppo BDP 83
HDA35 Hd/DVD player
Pace TDS860 Hd/PVR Cable box
Xbox 360
EP2500x2 EP4000x2 (sub amps)

Paradigm studio 60's V2
Paradigm studio 40's v2
Paradigm studio 20's v2
Paradigm Studio CC
2 Mal-x 18's in 13.8 CF ported boxes tuned to 16.5 HZ
2 Mach 5 IXL 18's in 4 CF sealed boxes (soon)

3 x S411 shotgun runs with vampire treminations
4 x 12 gauge Vampire wire runs for surrounds
Monoprice HDMI's x 4
Tartan RCA's x 14
DIY 10 gauge power cords with hospital grade plugs.
AR optical x 5

4 x 20amp deticated power lines

Upstairs Living room :

58" Samsung 650 plasma
Onkyo 607
Pace TDS860 Hd/PVR Cable box
Monitor Audio RS6's
Altona 6 gauge speaker wire x 2
HTPC with blu-ray and 280GTX and i7 quad core.

Pics to come as soon as I find my camera :)

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Have to agree.. Pics or this is a wasted space.:paddle:

Ready I am going to try an experiment:


11.3 Mitsubishi Surround with Mega-Bass + Turbo
Six PS3's Made into a table to hold one more PS3 I use for blurays.
Granite carved blocks with diamond speakers mounted within.
3 Elemental Designs Dodeca-sub's painted hot pink!
Custom HT seating made from authentic Ferrari Enzo seats.
HTPC with 3 Peta-bytes and every movie ever made now and in the future in 2400P

Isn't that an impressive list of !:R

Note I make no mention of ever taking pictures of things that don't exist. Except all the things listed above which I totally own but if I take pictures as proof the ex will take them from me.
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