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Main Television - Samsung HL67A750 DLP 67" 1080P
Receiver - Denon AVR-4308CI
DVD Player - Denon DVD-3800BDCI Blu Ray Player
Power Conditioner - Panamax M5100-PM Power Conditioner
High Definition Receiver - Motorola HD-DVR(via Verizon FIOS)
7.1 Speaker System
Klipsch RF -7 Main's
Klipsch RC -7 Center
Klipsch RS -7 Side Surrounds
Klipsch RB -25 Rear Surrounds
SubwooferSVS PB12/Plus2 (my little girl refers to it as the hear beat of our home)
Remote Control - Logitech Harmony One
Cables & Interconnects:
Canare Cable -Front 3 speakers Bi-Wired (10 Guage)
Monster Cable M-Series Subwoofer Cable
Monster Cable 12 Guage (all Surrounds)
Monster Cable M-Series HDMI interconnects (All Receivers & DVD Player)
Calibration Tools: Avia Calibration DVD, Radio Shack SPL Meter (analog version). Audyssey Calibration Mic for Denon avr-4308ci

Master Bedroom Home Theatre-
Television - Samsung LNT4053H LCD
Receiver -Denon AVR-3805
DVD Player -Denon DVD-3910
High Definition Recorder - Motorola Hi Def Receiver (via Verizon FIOS)
Speaker System -Mirage Omisat Micro's x 5
Subwoofer - Velodyne Decco Sub
Cables & Interconnects:
Canare Cable 12 Guage for Center Channel
Monster Cable 14 Guage (fr,fl,sr,sl)
Monster Cable M-Series Sub Cable
Monster Cable - S-Video for dvd player, M-Series HDMI (Hi-Def Receiver to LCD)

Previously Owned Equiptment:
For Those of you that own any of the below listed equiptment, I've owned and sold or traded up at some point over the past 10 years. So with previous experience with this equiptment, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or give my opinion on their performance.
Previously Owned Receivers
Denon avr-483, Denon avr-2802, Denon avr-3802, Denon avr-5803, Pioneer VSX-D811s, Pioneer VSX-33TX
Previously Owned DVD Players
Denon DVD-910, Denon DVD-2800, Denon DVM-4800, Sony DVP-NS315
Previously Owned Speakers
JBL N-Series (Bookshelf Speakers & Center Channel), Yamaha NSA-W1B (surround or outdoor speakers),
Infinty Interlude 10 Bookshelf Speakers, Interlude IL-25 Center Channel, Interlude IL-36 Center Channel, Interlude IL-40 Tower Speakers, Alpha 25ES (Surround Di-Pole, Mono Pole), Infinity Kappa Center Channel (this was the Kappa series that incorporated the C.M.M.D. technology, not the older Kappa Series), Kappa 200 Bookshelf Speakers, Kappa 400 Towers (included side firing 8" sub driver), Velodyne Decco Series Sub/Sat speaker system.
Previously Owned Subwoofers
Sony SA-WM40, Infinity IL-100, Infinity IL-120s, Klipsch RSW-10, Klipsch RSW-15, SVS 25-31pci, SVS 20-39PC Plus, several DYI's over the past 12 years.:whew:
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