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Well I'm diving into the hobby again after taking a haitus. I've been around for a while, but while I stepped away it seems some things have changed (like where in the world did TC Sounds run off to?!)

My first big setup was a whole Kenwood X1 suite with the KC-X1, KM-X1, (3) LS-X1F LCRs, LS-X1S surrounds, and regrettably just one SW-X1.

The next system was a Kenwood VR-9070, with a 7.1 arrangement of JBL Northridge E50 pair, EC25 center, (4) E10 surrounds, and a revolving door of E250P 12" subwoofers which I blew one after the next. I lend that to the amplifier clipping at the port tuning frequency, cooking the coil. This was the beginning of the end for me. I knew I needed more bass. This system saw a variety of subwoofers through its' run. I bought a Crown XLS1500, then rotated in various car audio subs that weren't up to snuff in my SUV, including some Polk MOMO 15s, a Kicker L5 15", and a pair of RF HX2 10s. The Kicker was the one that ultimately stayed with that system. Whenever I had to take my truck in for service, I'd pull my JBL W15GTi pair and replace the Kicker with them, which was a night and day improvement.

The JBLs (except the E50s) were all sold to make room for a Polk LSi setup, initially just a pair of LSi25s and a pair of LSiFXs. After two days, I returned the LSiFXs and purchased the PSW1000 instead. Over time, the rest of that system was filled out with the LSiC center, LSiFXs for side surrounds, and LSi7s for rear surrounds. The VR-9070 was moved to my computer with the JBL E50s, and I drove the LSis with a cheap Yamaha so I could enjoy HDMI switching.

In 2011, the Yamaha went by the wayside for a Pioneer Elite SC-37. That brought a dramatic improvement to the video quality as well as the sound quality. Around this time, the KC-X1 cooked and a friend gave me an Onkyo to hold its place. The Onkyo was awful and I hated every minute of its ownership.

Throughout 2011 I modded my LSiC and LSi25 crossovers, which was one of the best investments I ever made to those speakers. In 2014 I started selling off the LSis to make way for some Statements designed by Jim Holtz. I purchased all of the components but ultimately never got an opportunity to build the cabinets. Funny enough, I happened on the box of components just the other day, but my new house doesn't have room for that kind of speaker. I digress, the Onkyo bit the bullet Thanksgiving day in 2014, and I did what I should've done in the first place, I put my SC-37 behind the wheel of the X1 system, and that was some sweet, sweet music.

I recently moved and now I'm running a Denon AVH-X2600h through some Polk SDA SRS 2's with some Bose 301 II on surround duty. I honestly didn't intend to go big/old school, but the opportunity came at a price I couldn't turn down. I'll probably snag some Polk S15s and a subwoofer to downsize that system at some point here. I use a 75" Samsung that my father bought in 2014. It's probably a 6000-series or some equivalent.

As for car audio, I've been through an array of setups, but the placeholder since 2007 has been my JBL W15GTi pair and a JBL Power PX300.4 4-channel amp. For about a year I ran a Kenwood KAC-X812D and LOVED it. That amp supplied a transient response unlike anything else I've had before/since). It got the axe because I wanted more power, so I plunked down the dough for a pair of JL 1000/1s in 2008. Door speakers have come and gone, as well as head units. My current head unit is a Pioneer AVH-2550NEX. I kinda wish I'd splurged for the wireless CarPlay, but it's all good. I tried the JBLs sealed but didn't like the way it chopped the bottom end, so I have been running them in 5.5 cf each tuned to 27 Hz for probably the last 9 years. It doesn't quite hit that low C from Also Sprach Zarathustra with authority, but it suits the other 99% of music really well.

I hope I didn't bore you guys to death!
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