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The Popcorn Thread

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I looked for an existing thread about popcorn, and much to my surprise, there isn't one (that I could find).
What's more natural than eating popcorn while we watch movies, right?

So what's your secret? Everything from nuked popcorn to "regular" popcorn. How about some fancy popcorn?
Are there any "popcorn-o-philes" out there? What do you get and where do you get it. How about fancy salts and flavorings?

In a pinch (when we're particularly lazy), we'll use microwave "Pop Secret" brand. Most of the time it's their standard flavor, but occasionally we find the "Movie Theater Butter Explosion" type in the store, but that's pretty greasy.

90% of the time we buy the bulk (no name) stuff in the store and pop it in a Presto brand popper (pictured below).
The unit works great and pops the vast majority of the kernels, but can be a little messy. If you use real butter in the upper chamber, it has to be brought down to room temp, because the unit doesn't get hot enough up there to melt butter that's fresh from the fridge. For a hungry family of four, the unit produces just the right amount of popcorn.

As far as flavorings are concerned, we use a powdered white cheddar cheese from a shaker (Kernals Season's brand), and a salt called 'Salt-o-Riffic' (Jolly Time brand).

Ok...that's our secret. How 'bout you?

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Glad to find this discussion going on. I have a Paragon popcorn machine that I would highly recommend
to anyone searching for a popper. We have been using the pre-measured packets from paragon to use with it.
I'm always curious to try something different or perhaps better,, as of late, I've heard a lot of talk about Black
Jewel popcorn. Has anyone heard of it or tried it??? If so, please share some info.

I don't think I've tried that kind, but it looks like one of the small, white types. Typically, the kernels pop up smaller and crisper than the yellow type. Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, with one person claiming it uses more oil.

You've got a good popper, go ahead and try some of the Black Jewel. You may like it better than the standard yellow. It will have a different flavor and texture.

If you do try it, be sure to post back!
I've never heard of that one. News to me.

It's fun bouncing from the various typed of oils from night to night, but I'd have to say coconut is my favorite.
Wifey isn't convinced there's much difference, so it's going to hard for me to talk her into spending the extra cash for (what I think is) the good stuff.

The Flavacol continues to be amazing! :T

Yeah, coconut is the best, isn't it?

Have you checked out the price of the nine pound Snappy brand container? You may be able to find it locally, and it's only $22 on Amazon. Nine pounds should last a long time.

That's a fantastic price. That nine pounds is just a bit higher than the 1.5 pound container I bought. :eek:
For anybody interested, >> HERE << is the link.
We have a Paragon popper which we love. Actually just used it for the first time in months last night (too scared of waking the baby with all the popping). I have been buying the packs, but would like to try out some bulk coconut oil and corn to see if I can do things cheaper. I also have a container of flavacol, so seasoning shouldn't be a problem.
Looked at poppers for many years since I finished the HT in 06' but just have not purchased one. Primarily because popping on the gas cook top is so fast and easy. Cleanup consists of throwing the 5qt. kettle I use in the dishwasher.

We have tried many types of corn from the typical stuff found in every grocery store to boutique brands found in specialty stores to online brands, to bulk brands. The best we have found is the bulk white carried by an Amish grocery store near my parents farm. After finding this we ditched any and all of the yellow stuff we had on the shelf. Sorry, no phone or internet at this store! :)
Finally a thread I can contribute to! LOL.

I have used a Whirly Pop for a few yeas now and swear by it. After trying a bunch of different brands of popcorn I now cook Snappy white. I usually cook the popcorn in olive oil, and sometimes put dehydrated cheddar cheese from Amazon on it. Although... I've found that as much as I love the cheese flavor it kind of overpowers the delicious simple flavor of the popcorn.

I will definitely get some coconut oil...I pretty much love everything coconut.
I've been using the Snappy brand coconut oil for over a month now, and am quite happy with it. There's no sweet aftertaste like the Carrington Farms brand I had purchased at Costco.

There's a fantastic deal on Amazon right now for Great Northern coconut oil - just $15 for a gallon. I don't need it, but bought it anyway. Coconut oil has a great shelf life.

Here's a link, not sure how long the price will last:


I can't vouch for the brand, but the price is too good to pass up.

I just might give this a try. It seems to be highly rated, and claims to be real movie theater popcorn salt.


Anybody used it? Or maybe a different suggestion for plain popcorn salt?
I did buy that flavacol salt and love it. It gives a good movie theater popcorn taste. It's a very fine powder, I bought a dredge to shake it on the popcorn.

Flavacol salt is a winner. :T
Yes indeed, it's good stuff!
The wife and I have popcorn almost every night, and that container of Flavacol is half gone. It's been many months since we bought it, I can't recall exactly.
But the way I use it, is I pour a tsp in the oil at the beginning of the 'cook' and let the stirring arm disperse the spice.

Our Whirly Pop just arrived :). Came with a few samples and I picked up a bag of Amish Country rainbow unique blend. So we will have popcorn tonight:) if the wife washes it;).


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I feel like a novice in this thread. I use...

Micro wave for three minutes while the Blu player is loading and getting the movie ready and then I eat.

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I feel like a novice in this thread. I use... Micro wave for three minutes while the Blu player is loading and getting the movie ready and then I eat. m
You can always upgrade!
Hey, no worries man. This is the popcorn thread, not the "popcorn-o-phile" thread. :rofl2:

I assume the Amish popcorn is non-GMO?
I've been wanting to try non-GMO popcorn, but the price is not very attractive. I have no doubt non-GMO would be better in many more food I/we eat but hey.....
Yes non gmo 2# bag was only $4.29 didn't seem to bad.
You can always upgrade!

After reading this thread, I probably will do.

B- one

Haven't talked with you in awhile. How's the 64F8500 been treating you?
Bob putting the flavocol in before popping is a genius idea. Will try next time I cook.
After reading this thread, I probably will do. B- one Haven't talked with you in awhile. How's the 64F8500 been treating you?
The display has been great, never called Robert on the paperwork for it to lazy;). The Whirly pop is a nice popper very quick and easy our first batch was tasty:drool:.
Bob putting the flavocol in before popping is a genius idea. Will try next time I cook.
I have noticed that the amount of seasoning that sticks to the popped corn varies depending on the oil I used. Coconut oil leaves more seasoning in the popper, while peanut oil leaves the pan pretty clear, which (obviously) mean the seasoning is sticking to the corn better with peanut. But I prefer the taste of coconut oil over peanut oil, so I have to use more Flavacol when I use coconut oil.
So it may take a few times to get the flavor you desire.

(Gee....I feel I could have used half as many words to get my point across.) :dumbcrazy:
Flavocol will be my next purchase I've been looking to try something new.
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