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I recently built a new set of Micro bookshelf speakers. My goal was to make something budget friendly and simple for beginners. SO I looked around for parts for a budget speaker. Here is what I came up with. I used the Dayton PC83-4 as minds and the Dayton ND20-4 for tweeters. The crossover is a simplistic 1st order crossover with a BSC circuit and a resistor on the tweeter. All in all the total cost of the build should be around $60 fo the components. I aam personally really happy with the sound. Check out the video for a quick build tutorial and sound test.

https://www.youtube.com/user/123Toid (Mod edit)

Parts used:
Tweeter: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton...eeter--275-035
Mid: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton...river--295-154
Sub: https://www.parts-express.com/grs-10...4-ohm--292-482
Amp: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton...ifier--300-771

Crossover Components:

*These plans are for Personal use only. If you want to resell these, contact me first.
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