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"There is no replacement for displacement" or is there?

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Great big linear drivers that can handle the power required to push them in large vented enclosures. Regular drivers in super efficient horns. How can they compare? Do they compare? Using the same driver, can you load 1 in a horn and make it out perform 4 of the same drivers in an LLT? Now I know you want high excursion drivers in LLT's but high efficient drivers in horns... but I hope you get my question.
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'Cuz we smushed it into folded horn crumbs?

Looney. You are one of the few here with experience with a folded horn. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on your new sub vs the old folded horn. Do you have any plans of running them side by side for a day or two for comparison?
The Mal-X's cone would be torn apart in a horn. It's not strong enough. Not to mention the displacement and depth of the Mal-X would hinder in the design working around the oversized rear cavity to house it.

The Mal-x is a great driver for traditional alignments but for a horn there are a lot better drivers available.

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Why would the cone be torn apart?
BIG 18" drivers are bad in horns because they can not deal with a very long horn throat with strong compression. Why? Because the compression in the throat becomes to great, and tears the woofer cone to shreds. Smaller drivers are inherently more rigid.
I've heard the finished sub was supposed to have a 3rd option for mouth location...but I assume with the mouth dimensions vs the sub's depth, it can't be located at the end, only on 1 of the large faces?
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