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DHD power cruiser 15" (I have it sitting around)
Model #NTX-6415
15" All-Chrome Woofer
700 Watts Max
350 Watts RMS
4 Ohm Impedance
Rubber Surround
Kaptan Voice Coil
Screw Style Terminals
Frequency Response: 25-800
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Reve (DC VC Res) 3.3000
Fo (Res Freq) 27.6090
Zo (Zmax at FO) 34.5649 Ohm
SD (Piston Area) 0.0855 (Sqm)
BL (Flux* Length) 13.6834 (tm)
NO (Ref Effcny) 0.7948
SPL (SPL at 1w) 90.9852
QMS (Mech Q) 5.0364
QES (Elec Q) 0.6166
QTS (Total Q) 0.5491
VAS (Acous Vol) 140.9972 Litr
CMS (Compliance) 135.7323 (Um/n)
MMS (Total Mass) 173.1605 Grams
MMD (Diaphram Mass) 158.5444 Grams

It's at 13cu ft.
Anything below and it rolls off very quick and a poor dip also.


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Gotta call Dhd mon about that. have had the sub for awhile and there are no specs out there pretty much

I hope they can get me the rest of specs.

Do you think it'll be a great ported system anyways.

From my audio exp. it seems like it should be great, but i'm fairly new to home audio.


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Did a search for this sub and found out it cost $48. A LLT requires the movement of lots of air ( high Xmax) and that won't happen with this sub. If you are interested in a LLT then I suggest you find a suitable driver fior the intended purpose. Depending on what the Xmax is, the NTX-6415 might be alright for a ported sub.

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Depends on your room size. Flat to 20 Hz looks impressive as all get out but if your room is getting 6dB of cabin gain at 20 Hz you don't need to go that low, and you may be costing yourself a lot of excursion in so doing. An SPL chart in and of itself is Not Enough Information.
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