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Thinking of dropping my cable?

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Been thinking for a while of dropping my cable and getting one of these instead and going OTA for my TV
Has anyone used one of these and any thoughts on it or other options.

My other question is what OTA HD antenna should I get? Here is my TV fool OTA info for my area.
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I got rid of sat/cable many years ago after getting fed up with ever increasing costs year after year.

I got an indoor antenna (Digitenna DT-XAMP20-1 ANTENNA 65+MILES W/AMP) that is in the attic and I get over 99+ HD channels. Granted, most are useless to me since they are either shopping oriented channels/religious channels, or Spanish language channels and I don't understand Spanish. I do wish I took Spanish in high school.. :)

My TV has netflix as well as Amazon prime and for me that is sufficient for needs.

I have friends of mine who also have gotten rid of cable/sat and they use the roku and they are very happy.
We cut the cable a few years ago too. I went with SiliconeDust HDHomerun tuners, and a roof mounted antenna. If you are in a good antenna area you will have a picture that looks better than Cable, or Sat TV, as there is no compression. :T
I've been cable/sat free for about 5 years now. I have a TiVo (monthly fee, but not bad) for DVR, off-air antenna, and have been using a bit of Hulu, but not much. TiVo has built-in app for the main streaming services, but I will usually use an AppleTV for them, just because it's snappier (my TiVo is also 2 versions old - it's a Premiere, they have gone through the Roamio and just introduced the Bolt, which is also 4K).

I've been looking at the ChannelMaster DVR+ as a DVR, but I love the TiVo interface so much, I don't know. I have alternately been looking at picking up a TiVo Mini to connect to the TV in the sunroom so I can watch content recorded in the theater on the other screen if I want.

Regardless of system or setup, I'll never go back to cable or satellite, just not worth it.
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