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THQ registers 'Metro 2033 Last Light' domain names

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Publisher grabs Lastlightgame.com, Metro2033lastlight.com, and Metrolastlight.com; no official word yet as to what they pertain to.


In 2010, THQ and 4A Games released Metro 2033--a shooter set in postapocalyptic Russia--for the Xbox 360 and PC to a warm critical reception. After confirming that the franchise would get a 3D-enabled sequel called Metro 2034 last June, THQ has said little about the project. Now, new information on the franchise has surfaced. THQ is readying a new Metro game, but what's it going to be called?

THQ has registered several Metro 2033-related domain names, hinting that something called "Metro 2033: Last Light" is in development. The listings--spotted by Superannuation--include lastlightgame.com, metro2033lastlight.com, and metrolastlight.com.

While the domain name listings certainly might pertain to a new name for the sequel, THQ has a history of supporting its games with transmedia offerings. Last Light could also be the name of a non-video game endeavor related to the Metro 2033 sequel.

As for the original game, Metro 2033 was based on Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky's 2002 novel of the same name. The title depicts a near-future Earth where human civilization was obliterated by an apocalyptic tragedy in 2013. With the planet's surface now an inhospitable wasteland, humanity's few survivors have taken shelter in Moscow's labyrinthine underground subway system.
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That's awesome i hope they do the sequel with as much atmospheric feeling of alone and with limited ammo the game is insane but very, very original it'll be slightly harder to top the first.

first time i played this game i was scared like crazy, but with just you, headphones, and pitch black at night yeah it'll surprise you a lot!
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