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Anyone that is familiar with the THX calibration utility found on certain THX DVDs should feel right at home using the new THX Tune Up app for Apple iPhone and iPad. The app can be had for a very reasonable $1.99 from the app store, but it does require a connection method in order to be used such as an AppleTM Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable or through a wireless Apple TV. NOTE: 5.1 audio tests are only supported with an HDMI connection.

The application installs in a matter of a couple of minutes. My connection method was wirelessly to my Apple TV. There is a get started video that is roughly 2:27 that gives the user a general overview of the application. Once completed, or skipped, you can customize the application slightly by entering specific information about your setup. For instance, during setup I input that my display was an LG Electronics plasma television that was THX certified and that my receiver was an Onkyo 5.1 which was also THX certified. Lastly I input Apple TV as the connection type. The entire setup took a whopping 90 seconds or so out of my life and I was good to go.

Getting Started

Hardware Customization Screens

At any time during the process you can jump to any one of four areas at the bottom of the screen. Home, Equipment, Adjustments and THX Extras are all links as seen in the bottom of the picture below.

Picture Adjustments

Each of the picture adjustments are narrated by the same female voice that does the 'Get Started' video. As each of the areas pop up, she describes in detail what you should be seeing. Each of the adjustment areas has a pattern screen and a picture screen. The pattern is relevant for tuning in the settings as described by the narrator. The pictures are there to ensure that any adjustment can be seen in some sort of video image. For the purposes of this review I have provided the screen shots from the iPhone for each pattern and picture as well as the picture that was broadcast on my LG plasma via the Apple TV.

Aspect Ratio





Review Adjustments

Sound Adjustments
The sound adjustment piece of the application is designed to assist user with speaker connectivity by focusing on Speaker Assignment and Speaker Phase. It is really for beginners and not nearly as in depth as the video calibration utility.

THX Extras
I really like the THX Extras section as it has a variety of THX trailers including Amazing Life, Cavalcade, Moo-Can and Broadway. There is also a section titled 'Ask Tex' which is a basic form that you fill out and send away to THX to ask about the application or even THX training.

Overall I found the THX Tune-Up to be a handy little tool. I really like the ability to stream it directly to the Apple TV without having to buy an additional peripheral to connect it. The customization options for display, AVR and connectivity were beneficial for zeroing in on my particular needs and the THX Extras were a nice touch. The intuitive interface makes it very simple for just about anyone to use and the functionality makes it possible for anyone to get a good calibration on their display for only a couple of dollars, as long as you have a means to connect. In my opinion it is a bit of a no brainer, especially if you have the connectivity between the iOS device and display.

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