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How small can you make a set of HiFi speakers?
A few months ago I realized that I was going to be traveling a lot over the next few years, and I started to explore how tiny I could design a speaker system without losing fidelity, so I didn't need headphones to watch videos on my laptop. My goal was to produce a set of small speakers, with a tiny matching amp, that could travel in a suitcase with me, my laptop, and my FLAC/MP4 collection. What I developed is the 8" high black speaker you can see in the photo. It uses the magnificent Peerless Tymphany 83093 widerange driver, covering 50Hz-20KHz (with MiniDSP <ka precomp). It stands on the floor, and uses 'ground-effect' to help radiate its low frequencies.

However, in all but the smallest rooms, the 2" widerange needed a little more power in the bass region, so I added a woofer, using the SEAS driver from my Linkwitz Pluto (the white tube) to boost output power between 20Hz and 200Hz.

Suddenly I found I had not only a portable system, but a top-notch set of HiFi speakers capable (IMO) of holding their own in any 'average living living room'. In small rooms the omnidirectional soundfield is superb. As you walk around, the sound field moves with you, 'disconnected' from the physical speakers :) When watching video, the sound fixes itself on the screen, the ears have no definite cues as to sound location except what your eyes are telling them :)

Photo below. You can find the detailed stuff at my website:

The amplifier modules are described separately:


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