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I am getting 2 Subs from a good freind of mine and I was wondering if anyone has heard or used these subs. There seems to me little info on the Web on them.

I will be getting 2 Titanium Power SD1255 I plan to use them for the HT system:hsd: The specs are below.

VAS-0.906 cu. ft
CMS-0.0123 in/LB
MMS-6.87 OZ
BL-4.3 LB/a

Thoughts and Ideas? I know these subs are uncommon but the deal I was given could not be passed up.

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I posted the question in the car audio forum since they are car subs I figured the chances of some one have expierence with them would be better. I was also asking the question on the 10inch model and ideas for installtion in my car. I have a thread started for quesions on the HT side of things for the 12's. My bad sorry for the confusion.

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I spoke to their stereo guy, there business has had a reduction in staff so some of the staff I first spoke to were less than helpfull. The gentlemen I spoke to was knowedgeable and was very helpfull. so it was more of an issue with the person answering the phones. He said the xmax was .49 inches so that works out to 12.446mm for the xmax. does that help? do you think I should go for a ported or sealed? I have two of these to use.

The AMP I will be powering these with will be a TOA IP450D the specs are below.
Model IP-450D
Product Type Power Amplifier
Power Requirements 115V, ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 660 VA (Based on UL/CSA standards) 1800 VA (1650 W) (rated output 4Ω + 4Ω)
Output Specifications
Stereo 450W + 450W (4Ω), 300W + 300W (8Ω)
Bridged 900W (8Ω) Screw Terminal (M4) Solderless terminal of 5.5-4 or 5.5 -5 usable or #10 AWG bare
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+0dB-0.5dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% (8Ω, 1 kHz) 0.1% (8Ω, 20Hz- 20kHz)
Intermodulation Distortion 0.3% @ 8Ω (60Hz: 7kHz @ 4:1 ratio)
Voltage Gain 32 dB
Dynamic Range 110 dB @26dB gain, 105 dB @32dB gain (20Hz- 20kHz)
Cooling System Specifications
Forced air cooling under 104°F (40°C) Stop
104-167°F (40-75°C) Low to high speed (variable)
Over 167°F (75°C) High speed
Finish Panel: Zinc diecasting, black Case: Colored steel plate, black
Accessories 1 Power Cord, 2 Rubber Attenuator Covers
Weight 28.6 lbs (13 kg)
Dimensions 19" (482mm) W x 18 5/8" (473.5mm) D x 4" (102.4mm) H w/Feet or 3 3/8" (86.4mm) w/o Feet

My home theater amp is a Yamaha RX-V2092 it has a unbalanced audio output for the subs and the TOA amp has balanced inputs any ideas on the best way to hook it up. I have used it in the past but I would get a slight buzzing sound sometimes on the quiet parts of movies and it was annoying. I think someone told me there was a easy fix but I do not remember what it is.
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