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To IB or not to IB

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I am in the process of converting the bonus room in our house to a general use media room...the room is 14 x 25 x 8 I am going to place the tv on the long wall in a semi-built in media cabinet. there will be a bar along one side. bla-bla the viewing distance will be about 12' my question is for this size of room would an IB with 2 of the diycable ib 15's and a Nady XA 900 provide adequate bass? or should I just do a tempest in a ported enclosure..

I guess what I am looking for is feed back from anyone who has gone from ported to IB or vice-versa

rest of the stuff :
Marantz 5002
Infinity Beta Bookshelfs and Center (the bigger one)
Paradigm 8" inceilings for surrounds
61" rear pro tv (to be replaced soon with fp)
oppo 971
dish 722
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I'd take Sonnie's suggestion and go one step further. Do what he describes, but don't limit yourself to only where an IB can go. You might find that the best potential response comes from only where a box can go. You might also find the best response comes from only where an IB can go. If the best response comes from a place both can go, then you have to figure out which type of bass you want. I have a two 18" drive IB, but want to double 'em up to four. I would expect you to need four of those 15" drivers to be happy (as four of them have only slightly more output than my two 18's). This is just some food for thought. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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