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To IB or not to IB

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I am in the process of converting the bonus room in our house to a general use media room...the room is 14 x 25 x 8 I am going to place the tv on the long wall in a semi-built in media cabinet. there will be a bar along one side. bla-bla the viewing distance will be about 12' my question is for this size of room would an IB with 2 of the diycable ib 15's and a Nady XA 900 provide adequate bass? or should I just do a tempest in a ported enclosure..

I guess what I am looking for is feed back from anyone who has gone from ported to IB or vice-versa

rest of the stuff :
Marantz 5002
Infinity Beta Bookshelfs and Center (the bigger one)
Paradigm 8" inceilings for surrounds
61" rear pro tv (to be replaced soon with fp)
oppo 971
dish 722
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I could do a manifold w/ 2 woofers and then if I wanted to add 2 more later
That would be the key here. Depending on your listening habits if 2 aren't enough output you could add 2 more. I haven't heard an IB either, but Rodny stated his SLLT has more low end "punch" compared the IB.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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