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Tommy's HT In-Progress

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Tommy's HT Room

Woohoo - first member to start a complete project here. To recap my intro:

Ok to start, I've been framing the basement for weeks, an hour or two per night. Finished basement will have a gym and HT room. I should have got some before pics but I'll get some soon now that I'm thinking about it.

First mistake I made was not calculating how many boards and trips to Home Depot the framing would take. I had an rough estimate but decided to go to HD and pick up like 30-40 2x4's at a time in my Explorer.

Let me say after about 8 trips so far and almost 1k down on wood, it would have been easier and cheaper to just buy it all at once from a lumber yard and have them deliver it.
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Tommy, I built my own HT from the ground up and I'm also a custom HT designer/installer...so I'll be happy to help you out! :D

You can check out what I did here: http://www.devotionsbyerik.com/E-Cinema.htm

Tommy, you did not waste money on the Marantz reciever, I use them in my designs and they're a great product. If you choose to connect HDMI cables from a dvd player, cable/sat box, etc...you will have to go directly to your video source, whether that be projector or plasma. That Marantz model does have componenet video switching which allows you to run three sets of cables to the receiver and one out to your video display. Some receivers over HDMI switching and that is what the previous post was commenting on. Hope that helps.

BTW...when you say flat screen are you talking plasma or DLP? DLP's in that size are MUCH more affordable than plasma's but they are not as thin and don't hang on the walls. IMHO I would HIGHLY recommmend front projection like you've heard others saying...you'll save money and it will give you a "more realism movie experience." If you have not seen a front projection system, I recommend you check one out!:T

TW, my theater is 12w x 18l x 8h. I have a 92" (40" x 80") Screen. My first row is about at 10'-6"/11' and it's just perfect. In fact, some go even bigger given that distance. The general rule of thumb is 1.5 or 1.8 x screen width. So given my theater, 1.5 x 80 = 120" / 12 = 10'! :D

The reason for that ratio is to avoid SDE or screen door effect. But I also run calculations for viewing angle etc...and IMHO any larger than 92" at 10' is too big. You don't want the effect of watching a tennis match cause the screen is too big. I dont' think you'll have a problem at all getting a screen even given your soffit issue.

TW, you don't even need to use "connectors" but just the bare wire if you'd like. Just use a good quality 14-2 in-wall CL2 rated wire and you'll be fine. You don't need to buy specific or exact lengths of beautique wires unless you want to...that's all in the eye of the beholder.
TW...I don't have time to respond right now...hang tight, I'll have time when I get home this evening. :D
TW...quick home work assignment. Can you dimension out your entire room for me, with the soffit drop and everything? Thanks!
I'd dim the rope light as well...in a completely dark room...depending on how/where they're installed...can be quite bright! :D

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