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Projector: JVC RS1 1080p
Screen: Stewart FireHawk Deluxe Fixed Frame Screen 110" (54" x 96") HDTV Format

SPEAKERS - MTX In-Wall Speakers - 7.1 Setup
1 MTX ( HT2625W ) Dual 6 1/2" 2-Way In-Wall Video Shielded Center Channel
2 MTX ( HT520BDP ) 5 1/2" 2-Way In-Wall BI-POLE/DI-POLE Surround Speaker
2 MTX ( HT825W ) 8" 2—Way Rectangular Pair
2 MTX ( HT8253W ) 8" 3—Way Video Shielded Rectangular
1 Subwoofer - SVS PB12-Plus/2

Inside the Equipment Rack[/U]
Equipment Rack - MIDDLE ATLANTIC Slim 5 Rack 21-Space
Receiver - Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH
HD DVD : Toshiba HD-A35 & HDA1 HD-DVD Player
Blu-ray : PS3
Cable : Service Electric HD/DVR Package Pace TDC779X
Universal Remote: Harmony 1100 Remote Control, w rf wireless extender & ps3 adapter

7 Home Theater Recliners - Berkline Cinema Collection - 090 series (rtheaters.com)

Popcorn Machine : Metropolitan - 6 oz w/Pedestal (rtheaters.com)

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Ok after being away for a bit (lacrosse season finally ended) I got the HT upgrade itching again... What should I add/replace this year to off the wife?

I dont see much in the way of new toys that stick out as worth upgrading too and even the movie selection seems to be less then last year. Thinking about trying the vudu hd downloads but not sure if thats worth the expense compared to the cable box im already paying for.

I was hoping that high def recording players would be out for this year but doesnt seem to be any progress in that end either..
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