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Too Much Green!

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No it has nothing to do with “the incredible Hulk” thou I’m not far of from being red faced at all this green smearing effect. :D

I’ve noticed a lot of this yucky green getting in the way that smears the look of the film on DVD.

I’ve figured it out. It has to do with bluish background colours. I know this wouldn’t show up in the cinema it would be unheard of it since its pure light on film.

I can see they have made some improvements by reducing the green as one would think their TV is on the Fritz.


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What display are you using? What have you done that rules out the display as the source of the problem? What players have you used? What kinds of connections? There are many possibilities.
Oh, you want the details.

Hmmm okay…

Source players are

Pioneer CLD-1750 laserdisc player mainly used for all Dolby 4.2.4 and dts six-track of feature film playback on CRT Panasonic and LCD video projector

Pioneer CLD-2950 laserdisc player inactive at present moment

Pioneer DV-525 DVD player mainly used for all Dolby feature film playback on CRT Panasonic and LCD video projector

SONY DVP-S360 DVD player used only in the bedroom for stereo playback only

Cello DR-810 DVD-RW and player used in the main room for laserdisc copying for personal home use only

Philips BDP3000 Bluray/DVD player mainly used for all Dolby dts feature film playback on CRT Panasonic and LCD video projector in RGB mode

PowerDVD player pc tower, that is mostly used for screen capturing and I’ve tinkled with the video settings and it’s just not doable because the source video transfer is the one at fault

Panasonic CRT widescreen 32” UK model I can’t be asked to pull it forwards to get the model number.

It’s basically got an S-video with RGB mode as well, has brightness contrast and colour level adjustment sharpness P-NR, AI

Hitachi multimedia LCD video projector CP-X430 that has been rigged up with composite video component video RGB and S-video

It has colour R and colour B mode adjustments brightness contrast a few picture enhancement modes that give dynamic warm cool or normal tonal colour.

I have also tinkered with the settings up and down and it’s the same ole issue.

I’ve also used THX optimum mode to set the whites for darks so that the THX logo is in shadow colour looks fine, that is no one looks like a red face lobster! Colour tone on skin is fairly natural looking for the type of LCD video projector.

Contrast isn’t set high it’s kept fairly low.

That’s basically it. I don’t want a high definition flat screen I’m happy with the CRT and if want to see film presented slightly better I’d use the LCD video projector or go to the Empire Leicester Square.

That is it, and I’m going to run a six-track Dolby Stereo True digital rehearsal now of Star Trek (2009), which I saw twice at Empire in Dolby digital cinema 56KW JBL THX.

I hope the image doesn’t have issues because it was 100% at the Empire

So you can research my video projector because I doubt there is much that can be done with since it has the most video adjustments over the Panasonic CRT.

Cheers :)
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Do all of the DVD sources demonstrate the problem on both displays?
Do all of the DVD sources demonstrate the problem on both displays?
Yes on all displays, the above screen capture shots show what ecah dodgy transfer is, except for (theatrical version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind) where it exhibits less of the green smearing due to the neat transfer.

I just viewed Star Trek Bluray B region and its spot on. No issues with its transfer it reflects what, I saw at the Empire all except the large screen and 56KW.
Between these screen captures from the dvdbeaver site I’d say this on looks colour collect on the first edition DVD despite the low resolution.

I think it’s down to poor engineer that has impaired vision, and most likely colour-blind as well. Because basically we’re stuck with this lemon version of the film, that doesn’t look anything like the theatrical release

Spot on! First edition DVD

YUCK! second edtion DVD

YUCK! Bluray the so call perfect format!i think i'll pass this one on Bluray Warner can keep it!

I think the owner of dvdbeaver has purposely screen captured this angle, any further around as the camera moves into the (hot white light) the green smearing will be all over the image. Sigh. Well I’m sure glad I visited the site because now I know, to avoid Poltergeist on Bluray, until these idiots get the colour and image transparent with film 35 or 70 I don’t care which. Get it done RIGHT!

Why I should pay for this? It’s like having donkey, at film developing lab messing up your 35mm photos.
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