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Toshiba 32HLX95 Turns Its On & Off At Night....Spooky

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I have a toshiba TV that I have setup in the kid's room.
I like it because it has a built-in DVD player.

Around a year ago, I noticed that the TV would turn itself on and off occasionally. It became more and more frequent as time went on and now it does it all night (and I assume day) long.

When it happens the TV initiates (power light, fan, LCD screen) but its not the same as if you turned it on properly (by hand or remote). No video signal is displayed, no audio comes through and the buttons on the TV are completely unresponsive. The only way I can get the TV to turn off is do a hard reset by pressing the POWER button for 10 seconds. Then the TV reboots and all is well again until it starts the behavior again. It's getting out of hand because now the TV tends to stay ON for an extended period of TV which I bet is doing a number on my power bill.

I have unplugged the TV for days but this does not solve the problem.
I have disconnected all inputs but this does not help.
The TV does not turn itself off when it is being used for viewing or anything.

I have taken the back off and taken a look but nothing jumps out at me.
I have the service manual but it doesn't provide much help regarding this particular issue.

I am the second owner and it has been on the dresser or on the wall since I have owned it. I believe the TV may have been repaired at one time because some of the screwed on the back cover is missing and there is a large capacitor with a white cap on the PS that looks out of place.

Any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks for checking up on this.

No, not at all.
Its been sitting unplugged with its back off next to my desk for about a week.
I plugged it in last night to see what I could see when it displays these symptoms but the poltergeist hasn't visited it yet. At least while I've been at my desk.

Any ideas?
Several weeks ago i came to you guys with tales of a haunted TV.

I had no clue why it was turning itself on and off sporadically. At first i thought is could be stray IR signals but quiclky ruled that out. Then i thought is was aged capacitors kick starting the TV. After looking over all the components (if only with the naked eye) i saw no sign of trouble. I had the TV sitting against the wall plugged in for nearly 2 weeks in my home office and while i was working (both day and night) the problem never once manifested itself. I then connected the apple tv via HDMI as its part of the setup when its hanging on the wall. After a week still no issues. TV stayed off.

I then moved the TV to the outlet where it is usually plugged in and set it against the wall with the Apple TV hooked up as well. I was trying to reproduce the conditions as closely as possible without actually hanging the TV on the wall. After a week of turning the TV on/off and watching TV as we normally would and seeing nothing, i concluded that the problem had corrected itself. Maybe all the TV needed was to discharge.

So i hooked everything back up and put the TV back on the wall. And for the next couple of days i kept an eye on it. A few days ago i caught it turning itself on again1 I was truly stumped. Maybe something was pinching a wire? I began taking the cables and cords off in order to remove the TV from the wall again when it hit me there was one cable i did not consider. The RG6 cable that brings in basic channels via Comcast. It was the only cable that was not connect when eveything was fine and connected when things started getting spooky. So i unplugged the RG6 cable and left the TV hanging on the wall with all other cables connected.

Its been a few days and the TV has not turned itself on. So now i have identified the culprit but i'd love to know why the cable signal is causing the TV to initiallize. The TV has a Comcast digital cablecard installed if that helps.

If anyone has any ideas about this mystery i'd love to hear it.
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