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I recently came across this dandy widescreen from a couple of relatives that were tired of having problems with it and looking to get rid of it. I gladly took it off their hands and begun the troubleshooting process...

General Issues:
-they stated TV problem started when a Wii was hooked up to it
-TV has decent red, slightly less blue, and hardly any green in the picture
-darker colors are not clear, the screen is very very dark when the background color isn't a lighter color
-unable to turn brightness setting past 50 (0-100 scale) and flickers (but doesn't increase in brightness) when turned above 50

I probably got ahead of myself with some the following observations, but I was having too much fun tinkering :R

Service Mode:
-initially slightly turned up the Green screen VR (still a little unsure what this does :huh:) and did come closer to a good color balance
-followed this by turning up BTRC from around 78H (preset 80H) to waaayyy higher around A5H
-screen brightness was well balanced by increasing BTRC, but was worried that the CRTs were being overdriven ? :dontknow:

Convergence (after Green screen VR and BTRC adjustments) - unable to adjust (or even see) the red and green lines
-I was able to toggle the Blue grid off and on, the Red grid was barely noticeable, and the Green grid was completely unnoticeable.

After reading up on this site (Thanks a TON Icaillo!!) it seems to be STK issues. I checked the 6 fusible resistors below the STK heatsink (3 for each STK IC) and were found to be OK (but checked while still attached to board)- measured 1.79 ohms (1.8 ohm resistors)

Can anyone confirm my findings?? If so, where can I find the STK394-160s that Icaillo uses for replacing the original STK392-110?

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Your thread was moved to the Toshiba forum to maintain forum organization and to make information easier to find.

My guess would be a hyper module problem for the color and brightness issues. Convergence is likely the STKs and/or bad solder joints and resistors.

There are threads with lots of information on both problems.
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