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Hello 1st of all i picked this up had power light on display only. So i Replaced Fuse F470 on power board
as it was bad 125v 2amp fuse. Well i didnt have a 2 amp so i put in a 4 amp to see if it would turn on before turning on set i removed the other big board and checked all the resistors on convergence circuit
all checked good so i resoldered them anway and all the jumpers within 3 inchs of chips as i read on another site this will make f470 blow. anyway i hope that by replaceing with 4amp it didnt take something else Out.When i powerered up again it turned on and screen has jumpy wavey lines i have enclosed a pic it does this in the menu and all outputs .From what i am finding out is that it could be hyper board problem not sure? t Also i can hear a high pitch very quiet winding noise comeing from flyback transformer and the focus block . jumping on screen it seems in time with this noise coming from fly focus parts.So i am suspect to that area not sure. What i am saying is could it be hyperboard or fylback or focus block. I hope someone has had this same problem I do have a flyback and focus block from another but not the hyperboard but could replace 10 or so caps on it that are known to cause a problem like this i have read. but i dont believe in fixing something if im not sure of usely creates more problems.
So if anyone has any thoughts on this please help thanks so much! i am trying to upload photos

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Your problem sounds like the typical hyper module problems. I would test all of the caps for ESR, resolder the oscillators and replace any bad caps in addition to replacing all of the 10uF and 22uF polar electrolytics in the hyper module. Be very careful as some of the traces on the board are delicate.
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