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Regarding the 42HP66 with no picture...

That sound you heard was the infamous 'pop of death" This model TV was prone to do that. I have one that I was given and this was also the issue. The Ysus board had a large driver chip fail. When these sets were made there was an adhesive spacer pad on the back of the Ysus and Zsus boards. The glue on these pads conducted enough electrical current through them that the driver chip failed. The ysus boards are commonly available rebuilt on ebay for around $100. I would highly recommend having a technician replace it or at least someone familiar with working around High Voltage. (these things will shock the living snot out of you if you're not careful :unbelievable: ) The service manual is available for this on ebay as well. My set lost the Ysus and the XRlt interface board. The Ysus replacement restored the picture but the right side was distorted, replacing the Xrlt board (another $20 on Ebay) restored the full picture. Now all I need is a stand, the people who had this set mounted it on a wall and had tossed the stand. So if anyone has one of these sets that they're not planning to repair, I would LOVE to buy a stand from them. :bigsmile:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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