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Toshiba 46RF350U vertical lines in display...

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My brother has this Toshiba 46RF350U set with vertical lines that he can't get to go away...

He spoke with a guy at a local repair shop:
Talked to a guy at a local repair shop here that had good references
and showed him pics. He said it would most likely be 1 of and up to 3
things wrong. Bad T-con board (if I remember correctly), the cables
coming from the board and/or the LCD panel itself. Said you just have
to start with one until you get the right one that fixes it. The board
n cables being the cheapest, aprox $200-$300 (parts n labor) and a
panel, if you can find one for that TV, which can run $700-$1000. He
said finding panels for TVs that old can be tough. He said given the
age of the TV and as cheap as comparable TVs are now, probably not
worth the money unless you do it yourself. He said if you don't know
what you're doing, you can mess it up even more trying to replace the
boards n cables.
I mainly want to verify that there is likely no hope and its probably not worth trying to fix. It's about 5 years old and well out of warranty.
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Not sure if this will help.

My dad had a blue vertical line on the right side of his Samsung tv.. It was due to the cable feed from Comcast.

Simple test is to switch to the dvd input and see if you get the line there while watching the dvd.

For my dad, it was only with the cable feed.
I think he has checked the different inputs and sources, but I will double check with him and make sure.
This is a bad panel. Unless Toshiba will help out not worth messing with it. The t-con and main boards almost never give this symptom. It could be a lamination failure or a COF problem or a bad element in the panel at each line.

No harm in talking to Samsung customer relations, but he would have to get an estimate from a Toshiba ASC likely then they would probably only make him a deal on a new one, if that. That is, unless there was some settlement on a class action or something. There were lots of these from that era.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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