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Toshiba 50H72 half screen is black

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Hi I need a little help for Toshiba 50H72. Only half screen is working and the other half is off. The TV had this problem for a while and sometimes the picture would come back and work normally and just today only half the screen is working with no change. Since the TV is not at my house and I didn't get a chance to look at it but I'd like to hear your opinion before I dig it in. I suspect it could be a problem with vertical output such as bad caps or bad joints. What do you think and please point me to the right directions?
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If the loss of part of the picture is at the top or bottom, or both, look for bad solder connections on the vertical output. Quite common on earlier toshiba sets, not so much on this model so far, but they may be getting to an age where it starts to happen more.
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