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Toshiba 57HX83 Distorted blob in center of screen

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba 57HX83 and originally at start up it would have a distorted blob in center of screen (convergance off and image magnified only in center of screen). A few months a ago it would go away when the set warmed up and it was turned off/on. Now it seems it won't go away no matter how long the warm up period is. What can it be? Attached is a picture. Thanks


(if you can't see it please let me know, I really want to get this issue fixed it's my only tv, I had it ISF cal'ed and I don't want to drop 2k on a new set ;-)
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Please read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky in the DIY Repair forum VERY carefully.

You will find a detailed discussion of the nature of your problem and some specific suggestions for repair. Pay particular attention to finding bad solder connections in the Toshiba, as well as using chips from a quality supplier.
Thank you. Does anyone have the service manual for this set? I can't seem to locate the STK modules.

Edit: I found the modules, in the back to the right. I was looking for small chips, didn't realize how big these suckers are ;)
You can find the SM at elektrotanya (I am a new member and cannot post the actual link, but it is a com site). Non registered users are able to download two items per day. I have a different toshiba set and was able to find my manual there. I'm still trying to figure out my set's fault, but it was not hard to get the boards out and replace the convergence chips.

The service manual will help with disassembly and locations of parts, etc.

Good luck
The link is http://elektrotanya.com/

It is probably one of the best sources for free manuals, just make sure that the version you get is for your model and region.
So I changed out all the resistors and the both STK modules and I still have the same distorted blob in the center of the screen (convergence off in a circular pattern) :(. Thoughts?

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Have you tried adjusting the convergence in that area? Is it adjustable at all?
Got into the service menu and to my surprise the convergence was adjusting, eventually got it perfect! What on earth caused it to go haywire?

Also, how do I perform lens stripping (tape on side of lens) to even out gray scale without taking screen off so that I can see the results as I'm doing it (so as to adjust the position of the tape)

Could be some corrupt data in the EEPROM for a number of reasons. Could be that something changed in a circuit like a cap aging.
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