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Toshiba 65NH84 won't power on

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Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Projection Television 65NH84 that won't power on. I have it plugged into a strip. If the power (switch on that wall) was accidentally turned off, I'd have to wait an hour or so before it would turn on. That happened a few times. Now this last time, the power went off in a rain storm and now the tv won't turn on at all. Before that the picture was fine. Beautiful. Not sure if it's just a switch or what. I'm a stay at home mom that has fixed things, but have never fixed a tv. I wanna take the back cover off just to see if maybe I need to replace a fuse or something simple like that. Just don't want to part with my big tv. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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The fuses are soldered in. The are not the typical fuses that one might be used to seeing. There are a number of them and the first thing to do is to check them. If one is open there is usually a reason and replacing it will likely not solve the problem. Convergence repairs are common on these and can cause fuses to open, but you have to check them with a multimeter then refer to the schematic to see which circuit is affected.

I suggest getting a service manual and start by checking the fuses if you are really motivated to try this. Be very careful, however, as power supplies, deflection, and high voltage areas in a television can be dangerous.

We have links to sites with service manuals in the stickies in the Service and Support forums as well as in the Vendor Listing. Some are free and some are download for a fee. You might also find someone who has it posted for free with some searching.
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Thank you so much for the quick reply! I love this forum and will refer it to others. Well, after closer review of the tv and inspection of the cord, I found a kink/cut in it. Straightened it out and will put some electrical tape on it. Turned on now!! What a goober I am. Thanks again!!!
Please either replace that cord or splice it using properly rated shrink wrap or tape to avoid either a short or a bad connection. This could be a serious fire hazard.
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