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Toshiba DLP Projection Lamp Troubleshooting Question

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I was just given a Toshiba 50MH66 DLP rear projection TV from my FIL. It was giving him some issues with the screen but it was working when he replaced it with a 4K LED this past winter. I just started trying to use it; sound but no video. Did dome troubleshooting and ordered a generic lamp from Amazon. Swapped it out with no issues but I still have no video. It clicks , I have the blue power light and a blinking yellow bulb indicating a lamp issue. Not sure if fan or "color wheel" (?) is working.

Any ideas what to troubleshoot next?

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YOu should hear the color wheel spin up. The lamp will not light if it does not.
I do not hear anything starting up which tells me the color wheel is not turning. Suggestions on troubleshooting that?

Thank you for the reply!!
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