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This TV developed a thermal issue after two years' of service: two or three minutes after power on, the TV would lose H.Hold and picture was shifted about 2 inches to the left. Menu display was ok. All these things point to the AFC circuit.

It was a good TV when it worked. It has all the bells and whistles for a HDTV. I decided to take the pain to fix it. It WAS pain to take out the PCB out of a metal box which also holds VHS gadget.

I did not find a service manual for this TV. Luckily I noticed a TA1360ANG chip on the board, found its datasheet and figured out its AFC circuitry by reading the PCB. Checked(and swapped some) discrete components related to AFC and problem was still there. The last thing I had to suspect though unwillingly was the TA1360ANG itself. I freezer-sprayed a cotton swab, and with its tip touched the surface of TA1360ANG. I could hear a sizzling sound. Yes H.Hold would stay for a while then. Oops, the culprit is the chip. I put a headsink on top of it, and H.Hold problem was gone. But there was noticeable H.Phase wiggling.

I bought a TA1360ANG from Hermans. When I soldered it to the PCB I did two things:
1. Made the chip stand high so that there is an air gap between the bottom of the chip and PCB
2. Put a heatsink(with some thermal grease) on the top of the chip and glued it there.

I held my breath and turned the TV on. Bingo, the H.Phase wiggling is gone and the TV has been working like new.
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