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Toshiba TZ55X71

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Hi Forum,
I have a problem with my TZ55X71 and I can't find a service manual, so I try it here.
The TV turns on, I have HV and sound, but no picture. When I turn the TV off, a horizontal line briefly flashes up. It's not exactly a line, it bulges out in the middle of the screen. I removed the front panel and turned the three colors up and I get the same line as I get when I turn the TV of. I have already checked all voltages on the power supply board and they are all within spec. Could this be a vertical deflection problem? If so, could someone give me some ideas how to verify this.

Thanks, Sigi
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Hi mechman,
thanks for the response. I checked, but they only have the user manual, which doesn't help. I have already checked the usual sources, but none seems to have a service manual for the TZ55X71.

Thanks, Sigi
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There are suggestions for sources for service manuals in the stickies in the Service and Support area and in the vendor listings.
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