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I've tried and when I think I know what this means I read something or see something that doesn't make since to me. Can someone explain what this graph is saying? It's a simple graph between two subs elemental 13AV and 16Ov. The 13AV has a much better looking trans function graph but, the 16OV's SPL is much higher.


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The transfer function shows how the drivers physical parameters interact with the size and type of enclosure they are in. You use winisd to find an enclosure that fits your size requirements and then try to get the best response you can by changing enclosure type or tuning. Sometimes this is impossible for the driver that has been chosen and so you look at alternatives or resize the box accordingly.

The SPL depends on the drivers efficiency and power handling.
From the specs the 13AV Can handle almost twice the power but is 8db less efficient.

Model : 16Ov.2 Subwoofer
Rec. Power Application : 600 / 1000WRms
Qts:.36 - Vas:254L - SPL:91dB - Xmax:21.0mm

Model : 13Av.2 Subwoofer
Rec. Power Application : 1200 / 1500WRms
Qts:.45 - Vas:55.76L - SPL:83.50dB - Xmax:28.75mm

Hope this helps.
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