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Tremor Twins , AV15X build

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Here is my latest sub project.
Dual 294 liter ported enclosures using a 6 inch port , an Acoustic Elegance AV15X and tuned to @ 15.5 hz.
These are being powered by a Behringer EP2500 in stereo mode and filtering is being handled by the Reckhorn B1.
The posted graph is taken from the listening position.

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Looks good! Gotta love the cones! The graph shows excellent low end output. What size room are they in?
Mike ,
I am using these in a room that is @ 3200 cubic feet .I really like these drivers a lot. I may be building twin enclosures to try these in a dual passive radiator set up in the near future.
Hi Rightbrained.
I have a Reckhorn B1 too. To achieve that graph, are you boosting anywhere down low?

I am boosting 12 db at 40 or 50 Hz. I have the cut filter set at 16 Hz or so. I don't have a sound level meter and my response curve is not likely flat. So far my goal is loud lows and avoiding X mechanical. :hsd:
Hi Bluejay ,
In the graph above I have the B1 boosting around 50hz where I had a null at the listening postition.
Very nice, what was the end cost for those beauties?
The drivers are $249.00 each at AE Speakers . With all the building materials and supplies I would estimate somehwhere around $725 or so , i really didnt keep up with it. Thankfully my wife likes to be immersed in the Theater experience so I get no grief from having big boxes in the living room.
Hey Rightbrained, does the $279 price for the AV 15X driver includes shipping? Thanks.
Hey Spanish ,
Unfortunately the $249 is per driver , shipping is extra. If memory serves me correctly it was about another $27.00 or so each shipped to Alabama.
I know you have already been looking at these drivers from our posts over at AVS. You will not be disappointed .:T
My apologies , I misquoted the price for these , they are $249 each:thud:
Shipping was $24.26 to Alabama for a total of $273.26 each.

Prior posts edited to show correct price.
In the graph above I have the B1 boosting around 50hz where I had a null at the listening postition.
That is very interesting. I wonder if that boost is raising the levels from say 35 to 70? That would explain why I can hear such an increase when turning it. In other words the boost could be affecting a relatively wide range of bass frequencies as opposed to a "narrow notch"?
From my experience with the B1 the gain on the unit affects the boost. you can connect the B1 in a loop with your soundcard and measure how the B1 responds to the different gain , boost , frequency , and ssf levels.

I'm thinking I need a high pass filter for the AV15X project that I am starting, I read in one thread that you started with a mic2200 and then moved to a reckhorn b1. I have the EP2500 and haven't got the BFD yet, Is there any reason you chose to stick with the reckhorn unit instead of the mic2220. both have input gain and HPF so I'm not sure what the deciding factor should be if I want to order one.
Hi chrisg411 ,
I decided to give the Reckhorn unit a try because I sold the MIC2200 to my brother along with another sub and amp combo I built. I just wanted to try something different. The MIC2200 worked great and is a bit cheaper ,I would go with it unless you just want something with a small footprint.
On a different note , I just purchased a new Face Audio F1200TS and let me tell you something , that amp really woke up these AV15X's.
thanks for info, great to hear about the amp I would ask if you've run the REW graphs with that in your electronics chain, but I'm such a newb I probably wouldn't know the different:shh:
I have not done any new graphs . I will likely do some new graphs soon though because I need to move the subs around a little to make room for a new pair of speakers I just built .
Do you have a build thread started?
No not yet, I'm kinda procrasting/lurking and put up the typical newb questions and trying to soak it all up. I've started on my box, got the amp, new to all this I'll probably get the thread started once I make it a little further on my box and get motivated. I might just start it tonight. It's going to be a Max Easy Button Design by someone who's never done any of this before, never even touched a saw or router :dumbcrazy:
Well , if you find my first thread here it was one of NeoDan's easy buttons with a mal-x. That was my first DIY venture and it turned out pretty good.
Do yourself a favor if you are new to routers , buy yourself the jasper jig from parts express or something similar .It will pay for itself when you start cutting all those big holes,
Just wondering what your box diminsions were for these boxes?
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