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Tried using fewer filters, here are the results

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After reading: Minimal EQ, Target Levels, and a Hard-Knee House Curve by Wayne I decided to give it a try.

I must say I'm having a very hard time getting anything resembling the hard-knee or house curve actually.

Here are the results: (All results are before any room EQ from my pioneer reciever)

Pioneer AX2 reciever
SVS PB12+ sub
Behringer 1124 DSP.


Subwoofer no EQ 80 hz crossover:

Subwoofer with 3 EQ filters 80 hz crossover:

System response 3 EQ filters 80 hz crossover:

System response 7 EQ filters 80 hz crossover:

So, how does it sound? Well, little difference to my ears, but the sub seems a bit more out of control in certain scenes in movies. Works very well for music still, which I thought would suffer more from fewer filters. I was using 12 filters earlier!

The difference between the 3 eq filters and 7 eq filters are small.

I was surprised how well I could get the response using only 3 filters! Basicly just used one a 20hz, a 3db boost at 30 hz and a major -17db at 36 hz.

Using 3 or 12 filters I'm unable to get rid of the dip at 30hz...using 7 filters I can narrow the dip a little and even out the response slightly.

Button line here, can I do better? Should I tweak more? Having a hard time getting it any better than it is now unless I push it to 12 filters with very narrow and hard corrections.
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I think it looks fine using the three filters.

You could probably help the dip at 30Hz and the peak at 15-17Hz by moving the sub a bit. I suspect it's in the corner. Maybe move it away from the corner a few feet and see if it helps.

It's actually next to the coach on the left side in the middle of the room along the wall. Corner placement resultat in very poor deep bass performance at the listening position unfortunately.

I prefer the 3 filter setting, just seems to rock more on my Huey Lewis concert DVD album!

Made a worrying discovery that when toggling on the recievers "EQ" it get a huge suckout around the crossover frequency. If I switch it off, it dissapears, any explanation?

Adjusted some more:

Using 7 filters:

Using 5 filters system response:
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any explanation?
The auto-EQ may be applying some EQ filter around the crossover area that has a phase shift that results in the cancellation. You should be able to offset it with an adjustment of phase in the sub perhaps....


Looking at your baseline response...

...I suggest raising your Target Level before equalizing. It’s too low – that’s probably why you’re having a hard time dialing in a house curve.

I was surprised how well I could get the response using only 3 filters! Basicly just used one a 20hz, a 3db boost at 30 hz and a major -17db at 36 hz.
Don’t use the 30 Hz filter, since you’re not seeing any results on the graphs. What you might do is add a filter to the upper end of your response to help it conform to the house curve you want.

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I'll try raising the target level tomorrow and also I'll try changing the phase on the sub to see what that does to the overall response.
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