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Troubleshooting, lost my bass all of the sudden

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DELTE: Sorry but I solved the problem....Had a loose tip on my connector.

It's been a while since I've posted and to be honest my knowledge of things "audible" is rusty.

Problem: My bass went out all of the sudden when I started a movie up and I cannot seem to determine the problem. All other sound and video is working fine.

Here's my setup:
Denon AVR2105
Behringer EP2500 Amp
1124P Feedback Destroyer
Subs- 2 700 liter Sonotubes with Fi Q18s tuned to 13hz

When I power up my amp, the fan runs and the red light blinks for a sec but now yellow (signal).

I have tested the connections they seem to work.

When I unplug/reconnect my connector from the 1124 and the amp I get a quick thump but thats it.

Seems like I may need to replace the sub cable running from the receiver to the 1124 but not sure.

Again, this happened all of the sudden, I have not moved or touched any hookups recently.

Is there a way to check my Amp to make sure it hasn't died?


thanks in advance,
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Good for you figuring it out! Troubleshooting 101 = check your cable connections first. Oh, and make sure it's plugged in... :R
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