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Hi Guys,

I have a DIY screen with BOC and Black Widow painted on. While I'm happy with it, I have been drooling over Zero Edge/Blade and am trying to build one with a similar form factor. Very thin, maybe 1" clearance from the wall with LED lighting and zero or 1/2-1" border. I guess I'm trying to make it look like a giant TV.

From my research, I have zeroed in on few things and it would like to get it validated through the experts here.

Sintra Board 5'x10' from my local dealer.
LED Color Changing Lights (2 Nos)
Wooden Frame using (1x4) or (1x3)
Screen Paint - Any suggestions? Any thing with appreciable gain.

First of all is it doable? If yes, What else do I need? While I understand that SI or DNP screens are made of multiple layers with advanced materials but what I really want to reproduce is the form factor.

I have an Epson 8350 projector and my room is fairly light controlled.

Thanks in advance.

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