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TubaHT Amp selection

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I built a Tuba HT for my dedicated room and I'm shopping for an amp to power it. My Tuba uses the Dayton 15" DVC3855-88 driver and is the 24" wide version. In reading up on this sub design, it doesn't take much power at all to get great output. My room will be fully acoustically treated and will be approximately 12' wide, 20' long and 7.5' high. I've got seating for 8 and it will be place on a sand filled stage using pressure treated 2x8's and two layers of 3/4" T&G Advantech plywood, glued and screwed which is all sitting on a layer of 30# roofing felt on a 4" concrete slab. I can place it anywhere along the 12' width of the room and the 48" depth of the stage. It will be placed behind an AT screen. I want to stay away from plate amps as the sub enclosure won't allow a plate amp to be mounted to it without unsightly work and I don't want to have to build something to house a plate amp.

I've been eying the Dayton SA230 as it seems to be the best match for my sub. It being a true subwoofer amplifier, being made by Dayton and also putting out adequate power appeals to me. My receiver (currently an Onkyo 515) has XO controls for the sub, so the SA230 controls are redundant. I can get it for $167 thru PE.

But I've also looked into the Behringer NU1000 which is a two channel amp that puts out enough power that I could build and add a second TubaHT in the future without having to buy another amp. I can get it for $150 thru PE.

Is there another amp I should consider?
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I would look at the iNuke 1000dsp before the other two. It has a pretty nifty DSP included that could come in handy with the THT.
I can get that one for $200. That's probably a good idea since my current receiver doesn't EQ the sub (only has Audyssey 2EQ).
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