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I call on the experts here for this as I am out of my depth.

I have completed a 6.3 cubic ft sub-woofer tuned to 18htz with a 12 inch Shiva-X and a Dayton Audio HPSA500 500 watt sub-woofer amplifier with a single 6" port and will use audyssey tomorrow to integrate it into my 5.1 system. I have a Onkyo 605 amp which drives my 5.1 system.

My question is what are the steps I need to take to properly integrate this into my system.

1. What audyssey readings should I see for a good system balance?
2. What sub-woofer volume should I set it to initially in the audyssey testing?
3. After I get the volume and frequency balanced, what and how do I set up the parametric bass EQ?
a. EQ-Frequency
b. Eq-Bandwidth
c. Eq-Level
5. How can I tell if the phase reversal switch is set properly? By ear? If so, what am I listening for?

Other than Audyssey, all I have to rely on are my ear and a Radio shack Sound level meter.

Thanks in advance.

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