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These is probably a very dumb questions, but I at least need to ask it. I just recently bought myself a FBQ2496 to through on my B&W sub. (Merry Christmas to me!!) I've been messing around trying to learn REW and needed clarification.

When you adjust the trace offset (db) and add the offest to data, does it do anything to the actual EQ? I think the answer is no, but I wanted to make sure it doesn't boost or cut frequencies by moving that offset.

Finally, can somebody explain in a REW-for-Dummies type answer, what exactly the Target Level (db) is and what it does to the EQ filters.

Thanks everyone. I've learned a great deal on this forum (though I need to start posting more) and look forward to spending even more time reading it.

Happy New Year (a tad late)
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