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TX-SR607 Picture Issue w/Samsung Blu-Ray

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I have had my TX-SR607 receiver for approximately a year now. I have had a Samsung BD5500 Blu-ray player hooked up since I first set it up and haven't had any problems. Recently, Samsumg came out with a firmware upgrade that I installed on the BR player. Now I get a "No Signal" error message when I try to play something through the player. However, I can hook the player directly to the TV and it plays fine. Any suggestions?
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You should probably check with Onkyo to see if they have an update as well.
Yeah, I tried that. They have several firmware upgrades for different models, but not the 607. I emailed the tech support on Onkyo's webpage last tuesday and still haven't heard back. Will update if I figure it out. Thanks for the feedback. Keep me posted if you think of anything else.
I would do the same with samsung.
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