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Uk distributor for Maelstrom Gen 2's

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Hi there,

I live here in the UK and need to know if you have a UK distributor for the Maelstrom Gen 2's. I am building a dual maelstrom opposite sealed sub and looking at WinISD two of them drivers in a 12 cu ft box is perfect.

There is a company in Sweden that sells the Gen 2 drivers. It is called:


It says on your website that you don't ship to the UK. Is this true and if so do you have a UK distributor that I can purchase two from. Can you confirm that the company in Sweden is someone you deal with please just so I don't get ripped off. Your drivers really do look like they give the best results. Got to get them. Please help. :praying:

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Yes... Streaming Audio is one of my distributors. They should have stock and should be able to service you. If that isn't the case, feel free to contact me direct.

I have found, that supporting a product like a subwoofer, that has a certain percentage of product that will develop problems (it has moving parts and is made by humans), is problematic when there is an Ocean separating me from the customer. The cost of shipping a Maelstrom to the UK is higher than the price of the product.

I had a customer in the UK buy a finished subwoofer from me back in the days when I built finished product. He had a problem with the amplifier and the cost of shipping that 150lb subwoofer round-trip would have been >$1000. I hired a technician to go out to his home and repair the amplifier on-site. Of course I had to ship a replacement amp to the UK which cost me about $150 in shipping, had to pay for the amp ($350) and the repair time (don't remember how much it cost). About 6-months later he had another problem and after screaming and hitting my head against the wall for 15 minutes, I vowed never again. I no longer sell that kind of product overseas.

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
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I suppose any product can fail for whatever reason and I understand your frustration. The problem I have here in the UK is that the only other option I have is FI and running that through WinISD the Maelstrom Gen 2 walks it in the lower frequencies.

My box is going to be 36" long by 24" wide by 30" high with dual maelstrom gen 2's with a behringer europower 4000 amp. The conmpany you distribute to in Sweden have full backup for faulty good etc..

I really want these drivers.....

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