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I thought these might get some interest here.

They were built to be better in every way over the original IB15's. They utilize technology from the AV series.

Everything has been upgraded. The cone, the motor, the magnet, the top plate thickness.

These drivers offer greater linearity and distortion performance over the originals. Xmax has been improved, as well as power handling. They will provide tons of output with very little effort, which in itself will keep distortion extremely low.

These are some preliminary T/S parameters to give you an idea. These were taken on the bench without any break-in. They will model nearly identical to the original IB15's.

Fs: 28hz
Qms: 7.11
Vas: 145L
Cms: .162mm/N
Mms: 210G
Rms: 4.9kg/s
Sd: 794sqcm
Qes: .73
Re: 4.2ohm
Bl: 14.51Tm
Qts: .66
Le: .15mH

Weight: 45lbs

Price is $200 per, without shipping/pp.

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