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UMC 200 Feedback

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Hey everyone,

So I am thinking of purchasing the umc-200 and the xpa amp as part of my living room setup. I always wanted the "separates" look to my system and read some really good things about Emotiva (too bad that you cant demo them at any locations) Again, nothing but good feedback about the amps, but getting mixed reviews about the processor. Some say the biggest downfall is that the firmware updates take forever or that picture quality running lets say an oppo through it, doesn't do the oppo it's potential. I understand that the UMC 200 doesn't have any video processing, so would you recommend using the processor for audio only and bring the sources directly to the display??
I understand that it's entry level av equipment and that there are plenty more options out there, but anyone who has had experience with this setup, feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!
in addition, does anyone know when the new 7.1 balanced pre/pro is coming out (kinda really want that lol)
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Assuming your SR5005 has all the features you want/need, +1 to running it with an Emotiva amp*. If it's missing features, I'd consider getting an AVR that has them.

The nice thing about using an AVR is that - depending perhaps on the # or types of speakers you're driving - you don't have to buy a five- or seven-channel amplifier: Get something like an XPA-3 for your front three speakers and let the AVR handle your surrounds.

(*And I'm not just saying all this because I have my SR6003 paired with a UPA-5. :) )
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