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So i've finally got the chance to give everything a good spin on this, it's the easter weekend and plenty of time to mess around. Forgot my charger from work for my laptop but i've got a replacement coming tomorrow and want to be prepared.

I gave this another run today based on the advice that someone on here gave since you can't choose the filters, using the RTA window.

I am completely stuck, my EQ is limited on what i can both change on a decibal level and on the frequencies i can do.

So I don't know what I can do as regard this. I can't seem to find any video that they really explain what to do, it seems a bit waffly, as far as I can tell, it is this:

Measure a frequency range, use the eq to make some filters, try and make sure there isn't too many peaks and dips and that it generally levels out.

However, REW doesn't seem to really help me on here and i need to guess for a lot of it making it a complete waste of time for an expensive calibration microphone.

Can anyone offer me some concrete advice, do I need to get them dsp's mentioned in REW's EQ to get a proper way of making my set up as good as possible?

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.


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Hey James,

Generally yes, you want to minimize peaks and troughs in frequency response. However, the EQ built into many receivers can be limiting. The EQ in Yamaha’s Aventage receivers is pretty decent; don’t know anything about your Onkyo.

The equalizers mentioned in REW’s “Equalizer” drop-down list are outboard units. They must connect between a pre-amp and amplifier, so it isn’t possible to use them for the main channels with an AVR without adding outboard amplifiers. However, many people utilize them between the receiver and subwoofer; this is easily done because they already have outboard amplification.

Without an equalizer mentioned in REW’s “Equalizer” drop-down list, it’s best to simply use REW’s RTA feature if you want to EQ with your receiver’s on-board settings. It gives you a real-time graph, and you can see it change as you make EQ adjustments.


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To make the most of the EQ capabilities in your processor the RTA is your best bet. Play REW's Pink PN test signal through your system then look at the response on the RTA using the settings below, you can watch the response change as you adjust your EQ filters to see what improvements you can make.

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