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unable to select "SPEAKERS" under output device/output

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Hello all,

I'm on windows 7 32bit and using sb x-fi 5.1 pro external usb. Many users on this forum also use this soundcard and has no problem selecting "SPEAKERS" under the output device/output. But I cannot select it for some reason. It is greyed out for me. Hence, I cannot control output volume. :(

Please help.

This is on my machine:


This is what other people usually get:


I'm pulling out all of my hair and still can't figure out why. I think REW made many many people mad at the very first step. :)
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On Windows Vista and Win 7 Microsoft changed the way volume controls operate, one consequence is you can only select the output device, not the output. Use the Windows volume controls to alter the output volume.
I got it figured out. Thank you John.
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