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I am moving into a new house with an existing media room. All speakers are hidden behind the walls and ceiling. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding exactly how the speakers were setup.

The room itself is approximately 16.33' x 30.25'. From what I can tell, the section of the room used for a projector/surround sound system is 16.33' x 20.5', with the front and back walls being longer than the sides. The back wall of this space has two speakers mounted behind the sheetrock approximately 4' apart and 4' high, centered. There are two more speakers in the rear of the room in the ceiling behind the Sheetrock, spaced approximately 14' apart. There are two more speakers located in the front of the room behind the Sheetrock in the ceiling, which slopes down, also set approximately 14' apart. There are two speakers behind the Sheetrock of the front wall, one above the other with one at 37.5" high and the other at 64.5" high. One final speaker seems to reside (haven't confirmed by sight but there is speaker wire running that way) towards the corner of the room. I've found a place where a projector was once mounted (Sheetrock patched and power run above ceiling) and have seen a photo showing a screen on the wall in front of the two stacked speakers.

Now for my assumptions. It seems this was used as a 7.1 setup. L/R rear, L/R rear sides, L/R front, 2 stacked speakers combined as the center channel, and the hidden speaker in the corner as the subwoofer.

My question is: does that make sense? Having no experience in home theater setup, it seems this would be what this setup was used for but I would love those more experienced than myself to chime in.

I have attic access to the ceiling speakers and sidewall attic space for all others. If I can provide any more information to assist you in analyzing this setup, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'm leaning toward a Onkyo 609 or 709 for this room, but before I start looking hard at receivers I want to make sure I actually need a receiver with 7 channel support.

Thanks for your help.
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