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5-6 remotes...... haha or maybe 20 with my equipment list. But programming universal remotes is my profession.

Having a good designed, quality, well programmed universal remotes is absolutely key! It is the interface that you use to control your system and will determine how much you really enjoy your system. If you system is a pain in the neck to use (4 or more remotes) then most people tend not to use the system as often.

I know a lot of people here are Harmony users, but personally I think they are just an ok product with a great marketing department, much like Bose and Monster Cable. They look and work great if you are comparing them to cheap universals. But if you are going to spend the money one of the higher end models from their line then you might as well spend the same money on a higher end line that you get more performance and expandability from. Look at URC at least especially if you are a DIY type guy.

Personally I am a RTI fan but their mid level might be overkill for you unless you are getting into full house control... and they are only programmed by dealers

The one important tip I will say is whatever remote you buy make sure you buy it from authorized dealers (off or online) ... if not, your warranty will most likely be void.
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