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Universal Remote Control

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Universal Remote Control, Inc.
500 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528
914-835-4532 fax

Technical Support


420 Columbus Ave.
Valhalla, NY 10595
914-741-1310 fax
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Because we have had several questions from people about the matter, I spoke to Universal to clear up their policies on the distribution of their software.

First, dealers are NOT authorized to give out software nor access to the training web site nor any other materials that are URC copyrighted. URC MAY decide to provide a link for you to download the software if you contact them and explain your situation. They will try to get you to use a professional through one of their dealers first, but if you are persistent they may provide you with the software if it is apparent that you will not go through a dealer. They do want to keep their customers happy. They will not, however, provide any technical support nor programming assistance. The phone number for URC support is 800-901-0800. Call as early after 9:00 Eastern time as you can to avoid waiting for assistance as much as possible.

Some legacy software and most manuals, along with some tutorial videos are available on their consumer site for download.

The bottom line is that if you buy one of the products that they sell through professional installers in their professional line, do not expect much support except through an authorized dealer. These dealers make a large investment in training and developing software, and URC tries to support them. They may sometimes provide end users with the software but don't expect it and don't expect any help using it. Much like Crestron and other professionally programmed products, it just is not intended for direct sale to an end user and support is intended to be done through the dealer network. The consumer line is another matter, and you can see the different products on the URC web site.
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We should probably copy this over to the remote control forum as a sticky thread.
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