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unRAID Server with Plus license key included (key alone was $69).

This is a fully featured paid version of unRAID server running on the following very stable hardware that
I found to be rock-solid for unRAID (I used it with 6 WD Red 3TB drives). I ran it for 2 months with zero problems. unRAID OS is included and running on Patriot USB Fast drive. Server boots up and runs, you need to add hard drives, cages accept up to 12 (twelve) 3.5" hard drives with effective cooling. Motherboard already has 8 SATA connectors available onboard.
I spent a lot of time to organize the inside of the case for clean airflow and just for neatness. Please see pictures attached.
Overall system is optimized for low electricity consumption.

* Intel Dual Core Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU 2.13GHz
* Geil heatsinked 4x1GB high-end memory true dual channel
* Abit high-end IP35 Pro LG775 P35 Intel Chipset ATX motherboard with dual LAN and 8 SATA ports
* Seasonic 500W ATX Bronze Power supply with PFC
* Two Silverstone power rails with capacitors for stable power to HDDs
* Low-noise ball bearing fans (5x 120mm and 2x 80mm)
* Rosewill server case chassis with excellent thermodynamics and airflow, my hard drives's temps
never went up past 30 degrees Celsius even under load
* Contains VGA card for very low current draw

Happy to send you a log for you to confirm configuration and h/w.

Please add $30 for shipping in cont USA, server is heavy when doubleboxed and it will arrive double boxed and insured. Please view my perfect score on eBay, just message me for eBay id link. If you decide to do this transaction on eBay please add another 10% to the total price. I finished building another server and selling this one now.


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This server sounds interesting....I used to have a HP HomeServer which bit the dust a few years back. Have been looking at ideas for a new server....primarily for video (MKV), music, and photo's.
So its UnRaid Plus and supports 7 drives correct?
Is there a maximum size HD it takes ex. 4 TB?
What type of clients does it require to communicate?
Any specific reason you used WD RED drives?
Does this server OS allow or have add on applications?
What is its compatibility with Win 8.1 PRO, Android 4.1 etc?
I will try and view your photos that you posted, currently they don't show on the computer I'm using.
Can you hook a monitor direct to the server and play videos etc (whats the interface software) and if so what type of connection (HDMI/VGA)
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